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Kitty Psych 101

Welcome to Kitty Psych 101. This section is designed to assist cat owners with behavior problems that, if bad enough, can lead to a cat or kitten being given up to a shelter. Sometimes this can be avoided with a little bit of insight into kitty’s psyche. 

The fact sheets have been gleaned from literature as well as the personal experience of multiple cat guardians. The FAQ’s are real questions and answers that have been posed to the shelter volunteers.  

We hope you will find what you need to help deal with the situation that you and your kitty find yourselves in. If your situation is not addressed by anything that you find here, please email us and we will do our best to assist you.

Disclaimer: If your problem is urgent, please be aware that questions are answered as soon as possible, but there are occasions where responses may be delayed by as much as one week. This section is not meant to be a substitute for proper veterinary care.  

Fact Sheets - 
new question Should I Get Another Cat?
Introducing Cats and Dogs 
Cat Introductions  
Introducing a Cat to a New Home 
Cats and Kids 
Litter Box Issues 
Adopting a Socialized Kitten 
Frequently Asked Questions
new question Litterbox Retrainng - general guidelines OR Why does my cat urinate outside the box?
Why does my cat bite or become aggressive without warning, and what can I do to stop this?"
Why is my cat defecating outside the litter box?
Dealing with overweight cats
Why is my cat aggressive toward my new roommate?
 Why are my kittens playing and rolling in litter that spilled outside the box?
My cat won't eat cat food and won't stop begging for table food
Results of declawing
How can I stop my cat from spraying/marking his territory
Why won't my cat use the litter box properly?
Why is it taking my cat so long to accept the new cat?
My cat is pulling out her fur.  What can I do?
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