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The cats listed on this page have special needs.  They could be scheduled for surgery, be senior catizens, be FIV+ or have dietary restrictions.  In many cases, these kitties are the most loving and appreciative of our shelter cats.  FIV is not a reason to reject a cat for adoption, please read on.  

Here are some links for more information about FIV and FeLV:

Note:  PBS does not take in Feline Leukemia Positive cats, but we try to help out those who have gone the extra mile to save these very special kitties.  These cats are being cared for in private homes and the phone number listed is a direct line to the caretaker.

The site below allows anyone to post FIV/FeLV/FIP positive kitties for adoption:  http://www.bemikitties.com/felv/cgi-bin/suite/classifieds/classifieds.cgi

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Kalb - female - 1 year
Kalb #1 - female - 6 months
We've been here since November, 2016
Hi there, we are Kalb and Kalb #1. We arrived at the shelter together as mother and nursing kitten. Shortly after arriving here it was determined that Kalb #1 was FeLV+ (positive for feline leukemia) and that her mother Kalb, although coming up negative on the blood test for FeLV, was likely a carrier of feline leukemia. Feline Leukemia is a retrovirus, similar to AIDS in humans, that is species specific- meaning it cannot be transferred to humans and other non-feline animals. It is important that we go to a home with no other kitties, current or incoming, as FeLV is contagious to other cats through bodily fluids. Many people think FeLV cats are sick and dying and have no quality of life but the reality is that felines who are positive for the virus can remain healthy for months or years after their diagnosis. Some cats can live to be 10 to 15 years old if they are diagnosed as an adult. Unfortunately the virus can be harder on kittens than adults as most kittens succumb to the disease before their second birthday. Even though the virus can be harsh on kittens, this does not mean their lives are without worth. Whatever length their life ends up being, their time can be joy-filled. With an FeLV+ kitty additional veterinary care may be required since the virus weakens a cat's immune system, making them more susceptible to illnesses. The donation fee that is being asked for us is solely to cover the cost of our spay surgeries done while at the shelter. If you are looking to open your home and heart up to give two wonderful kitties a good, fulfilled life then look no further- we're the gals for you! ... Below is some more information about FeLV+ kitties:




Donation Fee: $135.00 (for the pair)

Cecilia (mom) - female - 1 year
Saffy (kitten) - female - 3 months
Angora Mixes
We've been here since January, 2017
Hi, I'm Celia (in the front right) and I'm here with my kitten Saffy (behind me on the left). Saffy was born eyes that were not functioning or the correct size so because of this she is blind. The vet says that this should not cause issues later in life so this was very good news! Although she does often use me as her eyes there's not much that can hold her back! She gets around and plays just fine and also caught on quite quickly to using the litter box. After arriving at the shelter a wonderful volunteer fostered us until it was time to come back and find our forever family. As we are very bonded to each other and my kitten relies on me still for help learning how to get around in the world it is important that we go to a calm, quiet home with room for two kitties- one being a special needs kitten! If it sounds like you may be the right fit for us then please contact the shelter soon!


Donation Fee: $135.00 (each)

Hoover - male - 15 years
I've been here since July, 2013
2013 had not been a good year for me. My beloved guardian passed away and I sure do miss her. I was taken care of by a friend of her until the shelter could take me in with my buddy, Jasper, but now he's in foster care with the possibility of being adopted. I was very overweight when I arrived but I have lost weight since then. All I want to do is spend my golden years in a home not a shelter ( although this is one of the better ones). As you can see, my adoption fee if very low because it's more important for me to be in a home and I'd make a great companion for someone looking for a laid back senior cat. I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes and am being treated with insulin twice daily. If you come and adopt me, it sure would put purrs back in my life.

Donation Fee: $85.00
**$5.00 Seniors for Seniors Program for those who Qualify**



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