Special Needs Cats

The cats listed on this page have special needs.  They could be scheduled for surgery, be senior catizens, be FIV+ or have dietary restrictions.  In many cases, these kitties are the most loving and appreciative of our shelter cats.  FIV is not a reason to reject a cat for adoption, please read on.  

Here are some links for more information about FIV and FeLV:

Note:  PBS does not take in Feline Leukemia Positive cats, but we try to help out those who have gone the extra mile to save these very special kitties.  These cats are being cared for in private homes and the phone number listed is a direct line to the caretaker.

The site below allows anyone to post FIV/FeLV/FIP positive kitties for adoption:  http://www.bemikitties.com/felv/cgi-bin/suite/classifieds/classifieds.cgi

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Hoover - male - 15 years
I've been here since July, 2013
2013 had not been a good year for me. My beloved guardian passed away and I sure do miss her. I was taken care of by a friend of her until the shelter could take me in with my buddy, Jasper, but now he's in foster care with the possibility of being adopted. I was very overweight when I arrived but I have lost weight since then. All I want to do is spend my golden years in a home not a shelter ( although this is one of the better ones). As you can see, my adoption fee if very low because it's more important for me to be in a home and I'd make a great companion for someone looking for a laid back senior cat. I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes and am being treated with insulin twice daily. If you come and adopt me, it sure would put purrs back in my life.

Donation Fee Seniors for Seniors Program: $5.00

Margie - female - 1 year
I've been here since July, 2015
I have cerebellum hypoplasia which is a condition that means my cerebellum did not completely mature at birth. This means that I canít walk a straight line and tend to wobble around in an uncoordinated motion. I spent some time in a foster home and I was able to navigate the stairs and use a litter box regularly. I am looking for a quiet home (with carpet as this makes it easier for me to navigate around). Donít look at me and think of me as being handicapped, if anything, this disorder has made me very determined and youíd be surprised what I can do.  It would be best not to place me in a home with small kids because they might not understand that my wobbling is normal for me and think that something is wrong.  Also, Iíll let you cuddle me and I like to purr.  Please have a large kitty bed, a low litter box and a one story condo for me and Iíd be happy as a pea.

Donation Fee: $110.00

Frosty - female - 5+ years
I've been here since December, 2013

I had a tough life on the streets before I came to the shelter.  A kind man watched over me and made sure that I was always fed but he noticed it would be kinder for me to live indoors instead of outdoors.  So, I arrived here with my friend, Mistletoe, but unfortunately she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  At first, I wasnít too keen on being petted and thought this was the biggest cat colony Iíd ever seen.  Then I realized, hey this is heaven compared to what my former life was like.  Slowly over time, I came to enjoy being petted and now if you stop petting me, Iíll grab your arm to continue.  I would love to find a home with an older cat like Biscuit and it would be great if thereís a cat tree in the house.  Iíve been here for 1 Ĺ years and I think Iíve paid my dues. If you would like to bring joy to an older cat, please consider taking me home with you.  Just so you know, I keep myself very clean and always use the litter box.

Donation Fee: $110.00

Elizabeth - female - 2 years
I've been here since October, 2015
Hello, my name is Elizabeth. I recently arrived at the shelter as a stray kitty.  I know, I have FIV but itís not a death sentence and I still have lots of purrs left in me. I'm a sweet girl who would love nothing more than a nice warm home to call my own, possibly with a nice spot by a window so I can watch the critters outside. I hope you can come visit me soon!

Donation Fee: $110.00

Redmond - male - 2 years
I've been here since October, 2015

I am a very friendly boy who loves to be petted and take cat naps, as if you couldn't tell by my picture. I am FIV+ but that's not a death sentence, as long as Iím kept indoors, fed a good diet and get vetted when needed, I could live to be an old cat.  There are a lot of cats in my room right now so I could be easily overlooked.  However, when the food dish arrives, Iím not shy and will go to the tray to get my fill.  Please give this gentle boy a chance to have a good home with you.

Donation Fee: $110.00



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