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To begin the adoption process, please click on our on line adoption form, fill out form completely and submit to us. Once we receive your form we will process and contact you for a visit and will email directions.  Our adoption fees are $110.00 for adults up to 5 years, $85.00 for adults over 5 years, $135.00 for kittens up to 1 year and only $5.00 for cats 9 years and older. Payment is by check or cash only.

All of our cats are spayed/neutered, FeLV/FIV tested, have been given distemper shots, micro-chipped, have been wormed, are flea free (we use Advantage), ears are examined and treated if necessary and if older than 3 months are given rabies shot.

Disclaimer:  We sometimes enter the wrong name or sex for a cat.  With so many kitties, even the volunteers get confused.  But the pictures don't lie.  If you see a kitty you like, please contact us ASAP.

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Avery - male - 1 year
I've been here since May, 2015
My name is Avery and I am a very sweet, loveable boy! I get along great with all of the volunteers and I would be a great family cat. I would do well as an only cat but I would also make a great companion for your current kitty! I hope that you will visit me soon!

Donation Fee: $110.00

Boomer - female - 1 year
Bullseye Tabby
I've been here August, 2015
Hi, I'm Boomer. I recently arrived to the shelter with a few of my pals. More to come soon!

Donation Fee: $ 135.00 ~ Coming Soon

Bonnie - female - 2 years
I've been here since October, 2012

This is my third, thatís right, third year at the shelter.  Ok, so I march to a beat of a different drummer as most calicos do.  Let me give you an insight on what life with Bonnie (thatís me) would be like.  ďHere you go, Bonnie, time for your wet food.Ē  At that point, Iíll just walk away BUT when youíre ready to throw it out, then Iíll want it.  ďOh, let me give the kitty some loveĒ but if Iím not ready for it, my tail will thrash and Iíll give you a warning signal so back off.  However if you wait for me to come to you for attention, Iíll want it, lots of it.  I like to do things on my own terms.  Youíll say ďHereís a new bed I bought for youĒ but instead, Iíd rather sleep on a comfy chair, couch or your bed.  Hey, I am not a boring cat.  Iíd be ok with another cat if itís a male and he doesnít try to boss me around or Iíd be fine by myself.  I was found as a stray with 6 kittens 3 years ago and went from a happy go lucky kitty to one thatís a little grumpy for being here so long.  I will mellow out in a home and you might even find me in a recliner next to you watching TV.  Just make sure a bird or a mouse is on the show here and there, we donít want to watch dogs on TV.  Also, Iíll keep your warm clothes from the dryer in place so they donít blow around.  At least Iím trying to earn my keep even if you have to shake or roll some of my fur off afterwards, thatís what cats do.  You can foster me to adopt for a trial period to see how things work out.  I just had some dental work done recently and feel so much better plus I got my fur buzzed for the summer.  Take a chance on me (but please donít take a chance if you have small kids).


Donation Fee: $110.00
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