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To begin the adoption process, please click on our on line adoption form, fill out form completely and submit to us. Once we receive your form we will process and contact you for a visit and will email directions.  Our adoption fees are $110.00 for adults up to 5 years, $85.00 for adults over 5 years, $135.00 for kittens up to 1 year and only $5.00 for cats 9 years and older. Payment is by check or cash only.

All of our cats are spayed/neutered, FeLV/FIV tested, have been given distemper shots, micro-chipped, have been wormed, are flea free (we use Advantage), ears are examined and treated if necessary and if older than 3 months are given rabies shot.

Disclaimer:  We sometimes enter the wrong name or sex for a cat.  With so many kitties, even the volunteers get confused.  But the pictures don't lie.  If you see a kitty you like, please contact us ASAP.

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Baba - male - 8 years
I've been here since April, 2014
My name is Baba and I was rescued off of the streets. Nobody knows for sure how long I was out there but I am thankful to no longer be a stray. I was adopted and my new family found out that I have hyper thyroid disease. This requires me to take a pill twice a day. I do not like to be "pilled" but if you crush the medication into some wet food I will happily take my pill. After some time my adoptive family made the decision to bring me back to the shelter because I became very aggressive with the resident cat in the home. I would do best in a home with no other pets. My medication is inexpensive and I am a wonderful guy. I am hoping to find a forever home soon!

Donation Fee: $110.00

Bernardo - male - 1 year
I've been here since March, 2015
My name is Bernardo and I came to the shelter when my former owner had to move and did not take me along. I am getting along with the other cats and I enjoy the company of the volunteers but I am really hoping to find a forever to call my own very soon!

Donation Fee: $110.00

Bonnie - female - 2 years
I've been here since October, 2012

I arrived at the shelter with my 6 kittens and they have all been adopted. Now, it's my turn to find a home. I'm a beautiful girl that doesn't mind getting attention but I can also be independent. Nah, I don't need attention all the time. There are other things to do like play with toys, get some beauty sleep, eat some food, and get some beauty sleep (oops I already mentioned that). Best thing to do is come and meet me and see If I'm the purrfect kitty for you.




Donation Fee: $110.00

Brandy - female - 1 year
Maine Coon Mix
I've been here since August, 2014

I had a home but was given up because my previous guardian could no longer care for me.  Everyone wants to adopt me just by seeing my photo.  However, I do NOT do well at the shelter.  Iím always hiding and even if you get me out of my hiding place, pooh, I manage to hide again.  Because of this, I would make an excellent kitty to foster to adopt. When I was in a cage I was a very loveable kitty but I got overwhelmed when I was placed in a group room. If you could foster me for 2-3 weeks and work with me, you just might find the love I have hiding inside me. Then, if you discover that you can't part with me, then you can adopt me. Simple as that. It would be best for me to be fostered by cat savvy people because I wouldn't make a good choice for a first time cat owner.



I am currently in a foster home

Donation Fee: $135.00

Breck - male - 3 years
I've been here since September, 2014

Iíve been at the shelter for a while now and canít understand it.  Iím a very playful, active guy that gets along with other cats but would do best with a submissive kitty.  Iíll be the first one at your feet to get some treats, and I like to steal them from Trans Am.  Donítcha worry, once I acclimate to my surroundings, Iím not shy at all.  It would be best to go to a home with older kids.  Just be sure to have plenty of toys to keep me busy.  Iíd be a pawsome cat for you.

Donation Fee: $110.00

Brownie - female - 2 years
I've been here since April, 2015
Hello! My name is Brownie and I came to the shelter with my pal Cupcake. I came to the shelter when my previous owner could no longer care for me and I am now in search of a forever home. I get along great with other kitties and if you are looking for a pair you might even consider myself and Cupcake. I hope that you will visit me soon!

Donation Fee: $110.00

Clyde - male - 1 year
I've been here since March, 2014

Darn it, my partner in crime, Bonnie, got adopted.  Ok, so I stopped paying attention to her and she became friendlier than me but I would like a home too.  I came from a home that had too many kitties and most of them have found homes.  Iím feeling like the odd man out right now.  Ok, so Iíll need some room service and it would be great if you have another cat looking for a buddy but Iím sure with patience and love, Iíll develop some confidence and will even enjoy getting petted.  Please keep me in mind if you a cat saavy purrson.  No small kids please.

Donation Fee: $110.00

Cupcake - female - 2 years
I've been here since April, 2015
Hello, my name is Cupcake and I came to the shelter with my friend Brownie when our previous owner was no longer able to care for us. I get along great with other kitties so I know that I would make a great companion for any kitty you might currently have. If you are looking for a wonderful pair of kitties please consider myself and Brownie. I hope that you will come see us soon!

Donation Fee: $110.00
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